Club Guidance

Running During Covid-19

Hazlemere Runners offer a covid-secure running environment, in line with the guidance and direction from England Athletics and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Where organised sport is prohibited, Hazlemere Runners will suspend all club-led running and coaching.

 In accordance with England Athletics requirements, the Club Secretary is the nominated Covid-Secure Officer.

The latest guidance on running during the pandemic can be found at:

England Athletics – Guidance Update

Club Guidance for Runners – Last updated Wednesday 5 May 2021

1.         By booking a formal club run, members are agreeing to the guidelines below. These guidelines as based on government and England Athletics advice and are designed to keep all runners safe. 

2.         Runners will be a fully paid-up member of the Hazlemere Runners for the relevant year.

3.         Only those members who have booked a run through LoveAdmin may run, in order to maintain track and trace. 

4.            If members are unable to book a club run, they are able to arrange their own informal group runs. However, the start points, times and routes are to be de-conflicted with formal club runs.

5.            Please bring email or LoveAdmin confirmation of your run booking to the run.

6.         When attending the club runs, Runners will maintain social distancing guidelines. This applies to before, during and after runs, including photo stops.   

7.         Runners will arrive at the meeting point ready to run.  A map of Hazlemere Rec meeting points is located here <Insert Link>

8.         Runners will not attend the club run if they have any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or if anyone in their household / who they have had close contact with is symptomatic, or if they have been instructed to isolate. 

9.          Please do not touch any other runner, pass anything to other runners or ask them to hold anything. 

10.       The wearing of face masks prior to and immediately after running is not mandated by the club.  As a result, when meeting, runners may see others either wearing or not wearing a face mask.   

11.       Runners are not to spit before, during or after their run. 

12.       The Club’s Run Leaders are volunteers who give up their time for free.  Runners are asked to support them at all times during the run and follow their guidance. Instances of rudeness to Run Leaders and / or failure to follow their guidance will be flagged to the Club’s Senior Run Leader and Club Committee. 

13.       Runners are limited to booking two Love Admin / club organised runs per week. 

14.       Informal swops of runners on a run is not permitted, due to the requirements for track and trace. 

15.       All runners are to carry ICE (In Case of Emergency) details on all runs. You will need to ensure that these are accessible – for example on a bracelet or a key fob on a running belt. 

16.       Runners who fail to follow these guidelines, will not be permitted to attend future runs and/or may be asked to return home during the session. 

17.       Any runner who needs to withdraw from a session are to cancel by emailing the address shown on the event, so that the track and trace register can be amended. Doing so, also allows the run leader to re-list the cancelled place for last minute availability.

18.       Additional ‘extra’ runners joining the run and/or picking up extra runners along the way is not permitted for track and trace purposes. 

19.       The merging of groups – whether club organised or not – is not permitted for track and trace purposes.