Club Guidance

Running During Covid-19

Hazlemere Runners offer a covid-secure running environment, in line with the guidance and direction from England Athletics and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Where organised sport is prohibited, Hazlemere Runners will suspend all club-led running and coaching.

 In accordance with England Athletics requirements, the Club Secretary is the nominated Covid-Secure Officer.

The latest guidance on running during the pandemic can be found at:

England Athletics – Guidance Update

Club Guidance for Runners – Last updated Monday 13th December 2021

1.         Runners will not attend the club run if they have any of the symptoms of Covid-19. 

2.          When attending the club runs, runners will maintain social distancing guidelines. This applies to before, during and after runs, including photo stops.   

3.         The Club’s Run Leaders are volunteers who give up their time for free.  Runners are asked to support them at all times during the run and follow their guidance. Instances of rudeness to Run Leaders and / or failure to follow their guidance will be flagged to the Club’s Senior Run Leader and Club Committee. 

The committee will continue to monitor the situation and will review their guidance in line with national and England Athletics guidance.