Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. The purpose of Hazlemere Runners is to provide running opportunities for a range of different abilities. Our sessions are colour coded by distance and pace to ensure every member is made to feel welcome and included. Although some of our club members can run to a reasonable standard, we are definitely not an elite club.
If you haven’t run before or you aren’t able to run 5km then we’d like to invite you to join one of our free beginners courses as your pathway to membership. This will allow you to slowly develop your running distance and pace over a ten week period, so that you are ready to join the club as a 5km runner. More information on our beginners course can be found here.
Everyone has a different story. Some start running for physical and mental health, others to make social connections. Everyone starts somewhere. Many of our run leaders started on a beginners course, as did the current Club Chair and Club Secretary. They had the same worries about embarrassing themselves – and they didn’t. We are an inclusive club and you being a part of it is more important than how far, or how fast, you can run.
There’s no expectation or requirement for you to enter any races – if you choose to do so, it’s entirely your choice. However, many of our members do go on to participate in road races for social reasons and to improve their own running ability.
No you don’t. Over time, though, you might find that you want to invest in pair a dedicated running shoes. If you do decide to upgrade your trainers, our partners at Runners Retreat offer discounts to club members.
No you won’t. Our groups are structured to cater for a range of abilities, this means you will be running with other club members of a similar ability.
You will receive an electronic membership card for Hazlemere Runners, through our membership management app called LoveAdmin. If you join the club as a standard / full member you will also receive a membership card from England Athletics with your affiliation number on it.
Yes. England Athletics allow runners from one club to also join another one as a ‘second claim’ club. We already have second claim members from a number of local clubs.
It’s good to hear that you want to join us as your first claim club. To get things moving, please contact the Membership Secretary at using ‘Club Transfer’ as the subject heading.
Yes! If you’d like to have a few taster sessions with us, then please email the Membership Secretary at with the words ‘Taster Session’ as the subject.
Once you’ve joined the club, all the available cross country races – and the details of each - will be visible under Events in the LoveAdmin app. Katrina, the club’s cross country captain, will then get in touch with you to add you to a dedicated chat group.
Hazlemere Runners range in age from their late-teens to their mid-70’s. Our average age would probably be early to mid 40’s. However, it’s not your age that’s important - we cater for all abilities and make everyone welcome.
Hazlemere Runners will sponsor full members of the club to complete their run leader qualification with England Athletics. If you want more information talk to any of the other run leaders or the committee and they will be happy to explain how we can support you.