Run Leaders

Our Run Leaders

All of our club runs are led by volunteers who are trained and qualified as Run Leaders. They complete the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification with England Athletics, with the course costs paid for by Hazlemere Runners.

The LiRF course qualifies Run Leaders to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for adults of any ability. The course covers risk assessment, warm-ups, cool downs, and how to lead fun running sessions for a mixed ability group of runners. Our new Run Leaders are given as much additional mentoring and support as they need from our more experienced volunteers.

If you’re a member of Hazlemere Runners and are interested in becoming one of our Run Leaders, then please register your interest, via ‘Optional Extras’, on Love Admin. Being a Run Leader isn’t dependent on how far or how fast you can run – quite the opposite actually. The only criteria is a willingness to organise the occasional club run for the benefit of others, at a pace and distance that you enjoy.

More background detail on the LiRF course can be found here.

Meet some of our run leaders below:

Slide What do you like about running? - There are a few things I like about running. The main one is flexibility in being able to do it on your own to clear your head or go out with a group and put the world to rights (a bit like a Friday night down the pub, but without the 4 beers and a whiskey).

Why you decided to become a leader? - I have a lot of personal experience and wanted to be able to share it. It also provides me with the push I need to keep at it and keep fit to makes sure I can take groups out.

What you enjoy about leading? - To be able to share my experience with those who are just starting or wanting to take the next step either in pace or distance.

Your favourite race? - I really like the Hell Fire Half, because I love a good hill!

Your favourite post run treat? - A pint of Bitter Shandy and a Bacon Butty!
Slide Claire How did you start running? - My son wanted to take part in parkrun but was to young to run on his own, I joined a 0-5k group as I couldn't even run for a minute!

What do you like about running? - It gets me out of putting the kids to bed!

Why did you decided to become a leader? - I enjoy helping others achieve their own running goals and seeing them develop.

What do you enjoy about leading? - Getting to run and chat with different people each week. Focusing on others also makes my runs easier.

Your favourite race? - Beaconsfield 5, a lovely local 5 mile trail run with a few hills thrown in for fun.

Your favourite post run treat? - Salty crisps or chips.
Slide How did you start running? - When I saw a photo of myself a friend posted on Facebook in 2010! I realised it was time to lose some weight and get fit.

What do you like about running? - Apart from the health benefits it allows me to switch off and think about nothing else for a short while. Obviously not whilst leading you understand!

What do you enjoy about leading? - Seeing new runners who once said "I won't be able to run at your pace!" join us and grow in confidence and ability to run further and faster.

Your favourite race? - I don't really race due to weekend plans but once upon a time it was 5K as it was quickly over and done with! Am I selling running?

Your favourite post run treat? - Easy! A pint of milk and a tin of sardines, in tomato sauce obviously!